Collection: Hot Wheels

DarSaGiocattoli the online shop where you can find your favorite tracks , construction sets , scooters and much more:

  1. Stunt Track : an incredible track with loops, jumps and curves that allows you to whiz the Hot Wheels cars at full speed.

  2. Construction Set : a set that allows you to create and customize your own Hot Wheels track, with curved, straight pieces and accessories to make the stunts even more spectacular.

  3. Hot Wheels scooter : a scooter with graphics and colors inspired by Hot Wheels cars, perfect for taking a ride around the city or in the park.

  4. Garage Set : A set that reproduces a real Hot Wheels garage, complete with ramps, elevators and fuel station, to repair and customize toy cars.

These are just some examples of Hot Wheels products that you could find on DarSaGiocattoli. Enter our website to discover the full range of toys available!

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