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Educational games are toys that are designed to entertain children while teaching them new skills and competencies. These may include educational games that teach math, science, language concepts, or other academic subjects. Educational games are often used in schools, but can also be purchased for use at home.

A popular manufacturer of educational games is Clementoni, which offers a wide range of games covering various topics, such as science, mechanics, and chemistry. These games are designed to be fun and engaging, but also to teach children scientific principles and practical skills.

DarSaGiocattoli is a retailer that offers a selection of Clementoni educational games and other educational toys. On their website you can find a range of options for children of different ages and interests.

Thanks to these educational games, children can learn while having fun, while developing cognitive, motor and social skills. Furthermore, these toys also foster children's curiosity and creativity, stimulating their interest in the world around them.

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