Collection: Playmobil constructions

The Playmobil construction games offered by DarSaGiocattoli include different lines of bricks such as Family , City , Space and Country .

In the Family line, Playmobil toys represent the daily life of a family, with sets that include houses, cars, pets and characters such as parents, children and grandparents. These toys are ideal for encouraging role play and stimulating children's imagination.

The City line includes Playmobil sets inspired by city life, with policemen, firefighters, shops and vehicles such as ambulances and helicopters. Children can create their own adventures in the city, imagining different situations and developing problem solving skills.

The Space line offers Playmobil sets that take children into the world of space exploration, with astronauts, spaceships, rockets and space bases. These toys encourage role-play and the development of cognitive skills through exploration of the cosmos.

Finally, the Country line is based on rural life, with Playmobil sets representing farms, farmyard animals, farmers and agricultural tools. These toys allow children to discover the agricultural world and create their own stories by immersing themselves in country life.

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