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On DarSaGiocattol you can find the Me Contro Te Games by Giochi Preziosi , they include a wide range of options, such as karaoke, microphones and the Canta-Tu game.

Me Contro Te Karaoke is perfect for children who love to sing and have fun with the songs of the Me Contro Te duo. The set includes a microphone with speaker, sound effects and colored lights. Kids can choose from different songs and sing along with their favorite YouTubers.

The Me Against You Microphones set includes two wireless microphones with built-in speakers. Children can sing duets with their friends or with their favorite Me Contro Te characters. The set also offers various sound and light effects to create a concert atmosphere.

The Canta-Tu Me Contro Te game is a board game inspired by the characters from the YouTube channel. Through a series of challenges, players challenge each other to showcase their singing skills. The game also includes a dedicated app, which offers additional modes and content.

Giochi Preziosi's Me Contro Te toys offer a fun and engaging experience for fans of the Me Contro Te duo. With their karaoke machines, microphones and the Sing-You game, children can enter the world of their favorite YouTubers and have fun singing and playing with them.

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