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DarSaGiocattoli presents a wide range of Giochi Preziosi toys, there are Cicciobello dolls, Me Contro T e dolls, toy kitchens and inflatable swimming pools.

Cicciobello dolls are famous for their resemblance to a real child and for their interactive features. They can cry, eat and pee, providing a realistic role-play experience for little girls.

The Me Contro Te dolls are inspired by the famous characters of a popular Italian YouTube channel. Each doll represents one of the main characters and encourages role-play and imagination.

Toy kitchens are a great way for children to play by imitating kitchen activities. They can cook, prepare toy foods and simulate the cooking experience for fun and learning.

Inflatable pools offer a fun way for kids to cool off during the summer. They can be easily assembled and disassembled and are often decorated with colorful and fun patterns.

Giochi Preziosi games are designed to offer engaging gaming experiences, stimulate the imagination and encourage children's development.

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