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DarSaGiocattoli specializes in railway modeling and offers a vast selection of Lima Italo and Frecciarossa trains and toy trains in 1:87 scale. These models are made with great attention to detail and offer an accurate reproduction of real trains.

The Lima Italo and Frecciarossa trains are very popular among model railway enthusiasts, thanks to their modern design and their importance in the Italian railway landscape. .

1:87 scale, also known as H0, is one of the most common scales in model railways. This scale offers a good compromise between detail and occupied space, and is widely used by enthusiasts around the world.

We offer high quality products at low prices and are committed to providing a satisfying shopping experience to its customers. Whether you are an experienced collector or a beginner in model railways, you are sure to find interesting models in the catalogue.

If you are passionate about Lima trains and toy trains? then DarSaGiocattoli is a point of reference for finding the toys and models you want.

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