Collection: Early childhood toys

DarSaGiocattoli offers a wide selection of toys for babies, newborns and children from 0 to 3 years in the early childhood category, specifically designed to help little ones develop their motor, cognitive and sensory skills.

Among the games offered there are soft and colorful plush toys, which stimulate the sense of touch and encourage the baby's manual skills. There are also animal-shaped toys, which can be used to learn the names of animals and develop the child's hand-eye coordination.

For newborns we also offer interactive mats and sensory play, which can be used to encourage exploration and discovery through different sounds, lights and textures. These toys are safe and specially designed to meet the needs of developing babies.

For children aged 0-3 years, we offer a wide range of learning games, such as puzzles, matching games and sorting games. These games help children develop their problem solving skills, hand-eye coordination and cognitive skills.

DarSaGiocattoli is committed to offering high quality and safe toys for little ones, and offers a quality guarantee on all its products. Each toy has been carefully selected to ensure it is suitable for your child's age and development.

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